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On The Ground

The Secret War in Vietnam

"Although memories fade with time, there are some that will immediately jump back into your consciousness with the hair-trigger of a scent, a sound, and in the beginning of this second book by CCN recon man Tilt Meyer, a misty rain over windswept treetops springs such a memory while listening to his youngest daughter play the piano. Such is the plunge on which the author takes his reader right from the start of this action-filled book of the memories of some of CCN’s recon men as they take the fight right to the North Vietnamese Army on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Military history readers are fortunate that so many of SOG’s warriors are excellent writers, otherwise these snapshots of a time in history when young men strapped on their gear and headed into the mists of the deadliest jungle in the world at that time would have been lost forever. Get this book."

            Ray Calafell (10/17/06)     

Across The Fence

The Secret War in Vietnam

A New Enlarged Edition with 55 Photos
and more Action Packed Content.

Anyone interested in the Vietnam War in general, and the secret war in particular, will appreciate this well-written narrative of a SOG warrior’s first tour of duty at FOB 1, the Phu Bai launch site for what would eventually be known as CCN.  The author, whose nickname “Tilt” comes from his days as a youngster playing pinball machines in Trenton, New Jersey, is an educated, skilled writer who has taken what others might recite as cold facts and woven a taut, suspenseful series of episodes from one of the deadliest years in the history of the Studies and Observation Group.  The history of this war will not be told by one book, but Tilt has added an important piece to what one day will be a total picture of the Second Indochina War.."

             Ray Calafell (10/21/03)
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